This College Student Makes Six-Figures & is the ‘Best Tech Reviewer on the Planet’

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Google “best tech reviewer” and one name will come up: Marques Brownlee. With over than 2 million YouTube subscribers, the 21-year-old college senior is one of the most trusted vloggers in the tech space due to his highly engaging, unbiased videos on everything from the latest computers and gadgets, to the hottest cars. And the industry has taken notice.

Photo: Wired

Photo: Wired

Vic Gundotra, a former Google executive, called Brownlee “the best tech reviewer on the planet” and he’s not the only one who agrees.

“Marques is in this sweet spot of being a consumer expert,” Adrienne Hayes, Motorola Mobility’s senior vice president of marketing and communications, told USA Today. “He’s looked at by followers as one of us, and that’s very powerful. His fans are following him and listening to him with a specific purpose.”

Brownlee’s accessible and informative videos are watched by millions of fans who trust his insight and comprehensive product reviews. His loyal following caught the attention of companies like Apple, Motorola, and Tesla, who regularly partner with Brownlee to try out their products.

Even though Brownlee is a rock star on YouTube and produces two to three super high quality videos a week, he’s also a full-time college student. Throughout his life, his parents preached “the three A’s”—academics, athletics and arts—and Brownlee has followed their advice. He’s regularly on the Dean’s List at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he studies business and, of course, technology. In his spare time, Brownlee also plays golf, professional ultimate Frisbee, and the trombone.

While Brownlee’s reluctant to talk about money, he says he earns enough to cover production costs (his camera equipment ran him over $30,000), buy the products he reviews, and live very comfortably. Because he’s one of the top YouTubers, it’s rumored he makes close to a million dollars a year from corporate partnerships and advertising on his YouTube videos, but he’s not in this for the money. He just loves technology.

After he finishes college this Spring Brownlee wants to continue making videos, but he’d also like to work with tech companies to make their products even better.


Check out Marques Brownlee’s “Five Facts” video to learn more about him. 


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