7 Picture Books to Read With Little Brown Boys

By on Mar 16, 2015 in Books | 9 comments

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Reading to your child is an extremely important part of their childhood. It not only serves of as a great bonding experience, but it also helps kids develop language and cognitive skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


While there are literally millions of children’s books on the market, books featuring boys of color are not as plentiful as others. And while you can read just about anything to your #BrownBoyGenius and he’d probably love it, it’s extremely affirming and empowering for young boys to read books with characters who look like them.

Although we’ve shared a list of our favorite books for boys of all ages (here) before, we’re back with a list of 7 picture books that are perfect for cuddling up and reading with your little #BrownBoyGenius.

Take a look.

The New Small Person by Lauren Child


Is your family getting a new member? If so, the New Small Person will help your little genius deal with becoming a big brother. In this cute book, Elmore’s life quickly changes when his parents welcome a new baby. At first, Elmore feels like the small person is taking over, and even taking his spot. But he soon starts to enjoy being a big brother.

Check it on Amazon, here.

Brothers of the Knight by Debbie Allen


Brothers of the Knight re-imagines the fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. In this version, which takes place in Harlem, Preacher Knight wonders why his sons’ shoes are always “worn to threads” and “torn up” every morning. Here’s a hint: they’re having a good ol’ time.

Read a preview on Amazon, here.

Full, Full, Full of Love by Trish Cooke


In Full, Full, Full of Love little Jay Jay is dropped off at his grandma’s house and quickly finds all kinds of interesting things to get into while his grandmother is busy preparing Sunday dinner. No worries, grandma enlists his help and keeps him occupied until the guests arrive and the whole family sits down to a tasty meal. Full, Full, Full of Love is about family, traditions and, of course, food.

Check it out on Amazon, here.

Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora


In this too-cute board book a toddler is playing peekaboo with everyone in the family including mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, and even the puppy! Peekaboo Morning is perfect for baby geniuses who are learning how to play peekaboo themselves.

Take a look on Amazon, here.

The Bat Boy and His Violin by Gavin Curtis


Reginald loves to play the violin, but his father, the manager of a Negro League baseball team, thinks he should stop playing and help out with the team as the bat boy. Even though he loves to play, Reginald goes to serve as bat boy for the team, who happen to be the worst in the league. When Reginald starts to play his violin in the dugout, the team’s luck turns around, and eventually his dad’s opinion does too.

Check it out on Amazon, here.

My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood by Tameka Fryer Brown


Jamie is feeling GOOD, and he knows exactly how to describe it. He’s feeling purple, like the first sweet bite from a plum. As the day progresses Jamie’s mood changes and he chooses colors to capture just how he’s feeling. Even when things aren’t so sweet (i.e. when his older brothers are pushing him around), Jamie uses his crayons to describe how he feels. Through this colorful book, boys will learn how to describe their feelings in a very personal and unique way.

View it on Amazon, here.

Ron’s Big Mission by Rose Blue


Based on the life of astronaut Ronald McNair, Ron’s Big Mission tells the story of how the future scientist had to overcome discrimination just to be able to check out books from his local library. Although the book touches on racism, it may serve as a great teaching tool to discuss race and racism with your little genius. Oh, and it’s super inspiring too!

Find it on Amazon, here.

What picture books does your #BrownBoyGenius love? Share in the comments section below!

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  1. Dr. Bettie J.Glenn

    March 17, 2015

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    I have a new grand nephew who is one week old today. I am recommending these books to his parents. Thank you for availing culturally relevant reading choices.

  2. Aliona Gibson

    July 7, 2015

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    Might I add Justice pon di Road…a picture book about a little brown boy and his Momma experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of Jamaica on a morning walk!

  3. I recently published my first children’s book titled 2 Halves Make Me Whole. It is about co-parenting and features a little brown boy (my son). It’s available on Amazon.com!

  4. Ann

    November 11, 2016

    Post a Reply

    Not to forget the older wonderful books by Ezra Jack Keats, The Snowy Day and Whistle for Willie.

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