It’s Time to Change the Story About Brown Boys

By on Jul 27, 2014 | 34 comments

Listen, those of us who raise, love, care about, and pray for boys of color understand what they’re up against. We understand that there are police officers who might stop them for no reason, shopkeepers who may follow them around, and overzealous neighborhood watch captains who may question whether or not they belong based on nothing but the color of their skin. And while we’re at it, yes, parents of brown boys also understand that our boys are more likely to drop out of school, be a victim of violence, or have a harder time getting a job—even when they’re qualified. But despite the challenges, institutional racism, and discrimination our children face on the daily, brown boys around the world continue to excel, grow, and thrive. And that’s why we’re here. Brown Boy Genius is here to change the story we normally hear about our boys. While we’re not at all blind to the struggles they face—and we’ll continue to discuss them and try to find solutions—we also know that there are millions of boys doing AH-MAY-ZING things that we never hear about. The media likes to tell one story about our boys, but we’re here to disrupt all that and tell the whole truth about brown boys. Our aim around these parts is to shine a light on wonderful brown boys (and those who love & support them), while also seeking solutions and supporting initiatives that will help more of our boys succeed. So, are you down? If you’ve got a positive story you’d like us to share about a brilliant, awesome, super cool brown boy send us an email, hit us up on Twitter  @BrownBoyGenius or drop us a line on Facebook. Also, drop a comment below to let us know what you’d like to see on this site & how we can help support our boys. Lastly, if you’ve got a wonderful brown boy, use the #BrownBoyGenius hashtag on Twitter and we just might feature him on our site! Share Tweet Related Post Clap For Him: This Teen Was Accepted to All 8 Ivy ... Yes, Boys Struggle With Body Image Too This 12-year-old Turns Scraps Into Robotic Toys After Ferguson: Here’s The Talk That Needs...